Biography Erko Jun

Erko Jun


Erko Jun was only two years old when he and his parents had to flee their home, the modern day state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a result of the 1992 Bosnian War. The family traveled to Belgium and decided to start a new life in Antwerp. It didn’t take long before Erko started developing a love for contact sport ­ a passion he shared with his father. A few years into his training, disaster struck: Erko was badly injured during a training session and lost all feeling in his right leg, from his knee to his toes. Six months of rehabilitation followed, including numerous fitness sessions. Medical staff warned him that he would never fully recover the use of his right leg. Not fazed by this message, Erko continued to exercise and fell in love with the sport of fitness.

While his physical condition improved daily, his mental state of mind, however, did not. Problems started to occur at home and Erko began to spend more and more time away from his family. He sought refuge in night life, got into brawls and focused his energy on things one cannot be proud of. Instead of looking for a job, he made money on the street. He was in dire straits, until he met Bill Richardson.

Bill Richardson of Bill Richardson Gym had a reputation for being an extremely strict coach. When someone encouraged Erko to pay him a visit at his gym in Antwerp, he and Bill immediately made a connection. Using a firm hand, Bill taught Erko to focus his negative energy on his workout instead of wasting his time on the streets. Results came quickly: Erko became Junior Benelux Champion three times, reached second place in the Balkan competition and was awarded third place in the international competition of Model Universe in Miami, Florida. Since then, Erko has been on the cover of countless magazines, has worked with internationally acclaimed photographers and makes numerous appearances at shows and events all over the world. He has grown into a into a successful business man and is even starting up his own shop in Antwerp, alongside his brother.

His greatest advice: no matter your situation, you can always improve yourself as long as you never give up.